Warning! This blog contains spoilers for Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. Read at your own risk.

Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite black and red hedgehog a question? Maybe you wanted to fangirl over him and express how handsome he is directly at him! Or maybe you want to send a hate letter and show Shadow how much an absolute dick he is? Well, here's your chance! Now you can write to Shadow, any rendition of him you choose (read the guidelines for more info!), and he'll answer you! So what are you waiting for? Ask Shadow the Hedgehog!

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Shadow! What do you think of Rouge?

Rouge? She’s… a friend. Reliable in a pinch.

Nothing more than that, though.

- Shadow

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… NO.
Fuck. You.
Dear Shadow,

I've been ever so curious lately about your relationship with Dr. Eggman at the moment. Is he an enemy, an ally or is it all just neutral?

- Para

Hey, Para,

I… respect the doctor. That doesn’t mean he’s my ally. It is mostly dependent on his use in my current goal. If he stands in the way, then I will face him fists raised. If he’s willing to assist me, however, who am I to deny such a great asset?

Hope that helps.

- Shadow

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Hey, Slightly Hero Hero Shadow,

How's it feel, being part Black Arm?

… Hey, Anonymous.

Sigh. I don’t like it. Not at all…

… It’s a mistake. It has to be for the sake of my remaining shreds of sanity.

- SHH!Shadow

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you are a dick.


fuck you, too.

- Shadow

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Shadow, why am I the only one on your blog asking you questions? You ought to advertise more.

I do not advertise.

- Shadow

Are the flowers in memory of Maria? <3


- Shadow

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Shadow, why are there flowers in your ask?

Personal reasons.

- Shadow

Shadow, what's your relationship with Tails like?


… He’s all right, I suppose. Gives me headaches sometimes, but he’s more tolerable than Sonic.

- Shadow

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